Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Mom, We Have A Serious Problem"

It is 12:18 am. Do you know where your hamster is?

My daughter burst into my room at 12:18 this morning to tell me, we had a serious problem. I, of course thought, fire, flood, or some other natural disaster, but no, it was far worse. Apparently, she woke up when she heard a crash, she got up and as she was walking thru the house saw this.

The kitty had knocked down the hamster cage it opened on impact and bless his little rat heart he was running from the cat. He is not fast, he sort of waddles along so she is apparently not the great predator she thinks she is, if she could not catch this fat, old hamster. Anyway, after corraling the cat, locating the hamster and putting everyone in separate rooms we were all able to return to sleep. The moral of the story. Cats don't like rats....or any domestic version of rodents. It is best to keep them separate.