Friday, August 8, 2008

Brett is a Jet

So, Brett is going to the Jets. I have long been a closet Jets fan. I mean no one admits to being a Jets fan. You just kind of love them in silence. They won only 4 of sixteen games last season, they were dismal, but they had alot of injuries and no quarterback.....and now they have Brett, who, oh yeah, is a quarterback. So my hope is that this year I can love the Jets out loud. Thanks, Brett.


wingnut_sr said...

It is almost funny that he ended up there. There was so much talk of him actualy coming to Tampa. It was all the talk in Tampa, "Farve to sign with Buc's" The radio hosts were all predicting it too. Personally, I do not expect from him this year. But go ahead and prove me wrong!

NSB Mom said...

I hope tooo.... :)