Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This Is A Lifeguard

This big red chair with a person in it and a flag on top is a lifeguard. Volusia County has alot of these. You can actually stand at one lifeguard and see the next one down the beach. There is a lifeguard at every beach approach and then some. They are there to protect you from all sorts of things, rip currents, drowning, all forms of sea life that may bite you...and lightning.

Let's talk about lightning for a minute. We have lots of it here. You can usually see a storm coming from pretty far away.

So...if you are in the water and there are large black clouds with lightning shooting out of them, this is your first clue to get out of the water. It is not safe. If that is not a sufficent reason to vacate the water then the person standing on top of the big red stand waving the flag and blowing the whistle at you should give it away.

They are not waving at you to annoy you, they are not waving at you to say Hi, they are waving at you to save your life. So stay safe and get out of the water.

You have other beach choices if you do not want to obey the authority of our Volusia County Lifeguards. Head to Brevard County...where they have less than half the lifeguards that we have in Volusia. You can stay in the water in a thunderstorm all day if you want to.....


anna said...

I saw some idiots arguing with the lifeguard about getting out th other day at Sapphire. Must be tourists.

Lez said...

Hysterical. Totally Stupid people