Monday, September 15, 2008

Chomp & Other Stuff

The shark bite record has been tied in Volusia County, at least this shark chose to bite someone in Ormond and not New Smyrna, this is good, well as good as shark bites get.

The Jazz Festival is this coming weekend on Flagler. This is good stuff, more on that later this week.

The weather is getting gorgeous and there are no people around, it is so nice.

Checked out the gas prices this week, the 7-11 beachside went from 3.69 last Friday to 3.95 over the weekend. IF you see a jump of over 25 cents, report it to the Attorney General, 1-800-no scam.

You can still find the lowest prices in your area here.


Ann said...

Be glad it is under $4 where you live!