Monday, September 8, 2008

Make Me Shut Up

There are days I need duct tape, for my mouth. The reasons why are many. Today, it was once again Volusia County Schools. My daughter is in a local elementary school, she is in 4th grade, first of all they have a ton of homework, ok, that is fine but the teacher needs to explain it before she sends it home.

SO today I pick up my baby girl, she tells me she forgot her planner, so I say, I will park, run and get it. If she does not have it and a parent (ME) does not sign it, there is HELL to pay the next day.

So she gets out to go get it, her teacher will not let her back in the room. Once you leave the room, you can't come back, this is part of her "teaching organization as a life skill". So she comes back to the car crying, I am all for teaching organization, I need some classes on it. BUT COME ON SHE IS 9 and we were still in the parking lot. She very rarely forgets anything.

So I did what any caffeine deprived, perpetually late, crazed mother would do. I got out of the car and went in the office.

I used my best customer service voice and said to the secretary, I am not upset with you, nor am I upset with the teacher for attempting to teach some organization, but she made her CRY! The kid is stressed out all the time about homework, schoolwork, her desk being clean blah, blah, blah. Yes, I got on a roll. Did I mention I was not wearing shoes??

Thankfully, this particular secretary and I are friends. She is used to my ranting and raving. She actually enjoys it. On this particular occasion she reached into her desk and handed me a roll of silver duct tape.

Enjoy the day!


Ann said...

Oh, Roxanne. I am so not looking forward to the idiots in our educational system.