Friday, October 10, 2008

Take A Bike Ride

Since I moved from North Beach to South Beach I have been riding my bike around my new area checking it out. I was riding down Saxon yesterday and noticed all these little breaks in the foliage that looked like a bike trail. big a chicken as I am, dont like bugs, scared of snakes...I went and took a ride thru the bushes, down a dirt trail, no motorized vehicles allowed...I crossed a little wooden bridge.

The view from the bridge. It was beautiful, trees, shrubs, spanish moss and the reflections off the water.

Right across the bridge is a great gateway to the Callalisa Creek. Gorgeous scenery, no people.

This was at 730am, I want to check it out again at sunset, on a day with no storms, I am sure it is even more beautiful. Take a bike ride, or a walk, you never know what you might find.