Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blinking Lights

Why do kids love blinking lights? My two are so excited about Christmas they want all the decorations up RIGHT NOW! So we made a "deal" we would decorate outside this weekend and inside next weekend.

So, we put up all sorts of lights on the house, in the bushes, in the trees...hundreds of lights. They have these little controls on them so you can make them blink, chase, fade in and know...the used car lot I set them all to stay on all the time with no funny stuff.

So I have been wracking my tiny brain as to why every time I go outside they are all doing something different. One string is blinking, one is chasing, one is playing a freakin song.....I fix it and come back later and they are at it again. So, I say to myself, "self, someone is messing with me." So I ask those two innocent Christmas angels:

"Hey guys, why are the lights blinking?"

Boy child: "What lights, Mom?"
Girl child: "Maybe the power is flickering" (insert snicker)

So before we go any further with this, just read those replies typical..the boy denying any knowledge whatsoever that there are even lights present, let alone that he would have an clue as to why they might be blinking. The girl coming up with what might normally be a plausible explanation if it were not so RIDICULOUS!!!!!

So in conclusion, I went out and turned out the lights, giving up the blinking battle for today....I just walked by the window...the lights are back on, and yes, they are blinking. I will never win.


Anonymous said...

Too funny, they are yanking your chain, very similiar to your sneaky elf movement!