Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do You Elf?

Elf On The Shelf that is...a few years ago I received Elf On The Shelf for my children. The premise is this elf arrives at your house on Thanksgiving to watch everyone and report back to Santa about good and bad behavior. The elf moves from place to place around the house while everyone is sleeping. The set comes with a book that tells the story and they can name their elf. Our elf is named Buddy, here he is hiding in the flowers

My kids decided last year that Mom was the one that was moving Buddy around from place to place, however I will not admit this and Buddy continues to prance about our house while we sleep. You can purchase the set here. It is great for small children, we have had many years of fun and even though mine are 9 and 11 I still have a great time torturing them by believing in our "Buddy".


Justmatt said...

My mother-in-law just gave us one this thanksgiving! My girls love looking for him every morning and he is the topic of their conversation throughout the day. His name is Elfie.

Anonymous said...

I had wondered what this Elf on a Shelf was all about! I saw one in a speciality shop over the weekend and couldn't decide whether I should get him. Now that I know what he is all about, I will be making a trip back on Friday to pick one up!

BTW...LOVE the mini Christmas tree widget, got it for my blog as well!