Sunday, November 16, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

In my ongoing effort to get organized I thought I would share my new favorite tool. I received the All In One Folio from momAgenda. This thing is great, it has a calendar with big squares to right on, page protectors for school calendars, sports schedules, great preprinted phone lists, home information. It has it all. MomAgenda has all sorts of great planner products that combine great colors and style with real functionality. I have everything together in one place, no more searching for random post-it-notes and scraps of paper. Check out momAgenda for all your life-planning needs.


Justmatt said...

Hey NSB Mom! Welcome back! I was just checking these things out b/c it looks like a great gift for my wife - however on the site it doesn't give too much detail as to what actually comes in the planner. I was looking at the KitchenFolio:

Is this the one you have? If so would you mind posting some pics of the calendar and such?

Thanks for the heads up on this!