Saturday, December 27, 2008


So I am talking to a friend of mine today who says, "C (my son)and A (his friend) woke me at 1am this morning when they rang my doorbell." (are you kidding me)

He was spending the night with his Uncle R (as a favor to me) and one of his friends was there as well. Luckily this is a REALLY good friend of mine and she was more amused than upset, she just thought I should know he was out roaming the streets at 1:00am. (OH yea that little bit of info)

As you would expect I asked Uncle R what was up with the doorbell ringing, he said "what, who, what did they do?" He had no clue but assured me he would have a word with him....

When I spoke to C about this it went something like this....

ME: "C, did you ring someones doorbell at 1am?"

C: "what? me? with who?" (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

I refer to this as male inability to answer a question without asking a question syndrome.

You know the one, no matter what the question, it is always answered with a question, I assumed this was outgrown by most males by the age of 13, but then I got married(and divorced), then my brothers moved to the same town as me so I got to converse with them daily as well. It is a sickness. All men have it.

Anyway, back to the wayward children roaming the streets, this evening my son is home under strict supervision with no ability to even glance out a window, let alone ring a doorbell. Rest assured New Smyrna is safe from doorbell ringing tonight!