Monday, December 29, 2008

You Can Fix It!

My washer quit working today, would not spin in the middle of a large load of towels. This is a big fancy 3 year old LG frontloader that should not be breaking. I had a 5 year service plan on this washer that my oh so clever ex-husband cashed in for a $20.00 Best Buy gift card back in October. (I know, nice guy huh?)

Anyway, the old me would have called a repairman, the new me cannot afford a service call so....I did what any other single mother with 12 loads of waiting laundry would do. I hit the internet. I found FixYA.

Fixya provides technical support and repair advice on just about anything you can think of from cars to DVD players. You can even chat live with an expert.

I put in my washer model and the error code I was getting and there were several soutions on the message board. I got out my screwdriver and did what they said, admittedly it was a pretty simple fix, but I would NEVER have know what to do without the technician at FixYa.

Next time you need to fix something go check them out!