Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Stumble~Are Ya Happy?

Well if you are not happy, you can just hit the internet for a million ways to get happy....I found a couple today.

Happy Lessons - this is the 7 ways kids teach us to be happy, we need to listen

How to Be Happy Book - puhleese, the book is free, the grinning guy on the cover is just annoying

The Happiness Project- this one cracks me up, I signed up for this newsletter just so I could get some daily humor. I am sure there is some great data and valid research behind this project, but I could not get past today's post - Take Questionnaires to Help Develop Insights Into Yourself. You sign up to take some sort of tests to figure yourself out. If I had time to take questionaires that would mean my house was clean, laundry was done, work was caught up and my bills were paid, if that was the case I would already be happy and I would not have to take a test to figure out how to get happy.

BBQ Addicts - NOW this makes me happy!!!

Enjoy your week!