Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I am sitting around on Saturday night watching Shark Swarm on Hallmark Channel. I am sure my friends over at the Chum Slick are disturbed by this movie. It just goes to show what an exciting life I have.

Anyway I took a gander at a free magazine I got today courtesy of Ann Crabs and her freebies. It happens to be Cosmopolitan, I am sure at some point we have all read this magazine at least once. I have not read it since college so more than 20 years. Talk about ridiculous, shallow and who cares stupid stuff. There is a section called the "Man Manual", really I am not kidding. Some of this months features in the Man Manual are:

"What His Hair Says About Him" - I am usually happy if I meet a man that has hair. It does not need to say anything about him, it just needs to be on his head.

"What His Shower Style Reveals" - you are kidding me right? His shower style?? Just so he takes a shower, who the heck cares???

But this is my favorite-"Surprising things that turn him off" - these include - wearing overly revealing clothing and being kinky in bed. YEA RIGHT.

Now if and only if you get past the MAN MANUAL, the next section is "5 Traits a GUY SHOULD HAVE BEFORE YOU GET SERIOUS" these are the best, all you women out there who have been married more than 5 minutes or are divorced from idiots will love this.

1. He knows what he wants. - For dinner maybe.....
2. He has a sunny outlook. - Uh huh sure.
3. He is open to changing for you. - I am rolling on the floor.
4. He's still a little mysterious. - There are too many comments I could make here.
5. He's responsible with money. - If he has a job be happy.

Then we have the next article, "Are you crazy enough in bed?" OK what happened to those surprising things that turn him off( you know overly kinky). Where do these people come from??

I could go on and give you some more idiotic examples from this magazine, but you get the idea.


Ellen said...

You are killing me...I have visions of combovers after reading that.

Rick A, NSB said...

Yes, they love to run articles on what a woman can do to spice up her love life. Then they use those same criteria, turned around, in an article that purports to help a woman tell if her partner is cheating on her.

IOW, if the woman comes up with the ideas, she's being sexy. If the man comes up with them, he MUST be cheating.

This has been going on for decades.

Want to know what a man likes? Ask! And then listen! We're all different!

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical.

Invisible Blogger said...

The true irony is that Cosmo was supposed to liberate women from being men's toys once upon a time. Now the entire magazine is about how to be a man's toy. Of course "liberation" means "free to be promiscuous" too right?
People disgust me