Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Man Report

Last month I shared my excitement at receiving COSMO magazine once again after many years. If you missed it, here it is.

So, I have received my next issue and we will now have a new monthly feature.....THE MAN REPORT.

Cosmo actually has a section called the MAN MANUAL! This Man Manual features "the man report". This month you can "CHART HIS MOOD": when he visits your family. Yes, if you are too stupid to figure it out, COSMO can help you...they have an actual chart that will tell you what he is thinking while visiting your "RENTS". I think that is Cosmo slang for parents.....

I bet you did not know that you can learn alot of information by how your man "SITS"...yes like in a chair, or on the couch, or on a bar stool. You no longer have to try and analyze why he is "Sittting" the way he is, this quick and handy COSMO guide will take all the mystery out of "the way he sits"..I am thinking if he is sitting and his credit card is out paying for dinner it is all good! If you go back and read last month, having hair on his head is also a plus.

Did you know that 81% of men think that a "HOOKUP" can turn into a relationship....Come this crap for real!!!!!

There is also a section on "what makes a great girlfriend". Does anyone over the age of 16 really care what makes a great girlfriend?

If you are confused about what is the "ultimate dealbreaker" for a man, you can find it here...since I don't want you to suffer like I it is...."don't gossip, never be right, don't be materialistic and you better like their mother".......there is also lots of advice on how to pick the best time to IMPRESS HIM... as well as how to put him in a sexy mood.

SO.....I will gossip with my friends, I am usually right, I am totally materialistic and like it.....and I usually like their mother as long as she is another state.....I could go on but you get it...once again another totally useless issue of COSMO magazine that makes women look like actually makes men look kind of stupid too.......


Lisa said...

I buy a copy of Cosmo whenever I need something to read on an airplane. It takes me back to being a preteen (yes, that is when I started reading the magazine), looking forward to be a "real" woman and wondering if I would ever master any of it.