Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Budget Cuts

If you have not seen the depth of the cuts that Volusia County Schools are facing then you need to take a look at this article from the News Journal this morning. It outlines what is being cut immediately, as well as proposed for next year. Sports will be gone. Electives will be gone. Most all programs will be gone.

Take a look at the potential additional revenue sources. Help me understand why they are not looking at the cigarette tax which would raise 1 billion dollars.

We are being led by a bunch of idiots in Tallahassee.

Here is the info on who to write to.


Anonymous said...

Roxanne, thank you so much for keeping us updated on this horrific situation. I am a mom to two boys, one of which will begin Kindergarten next fall. I am currently a stay at home mom, however, I might be joining the work force very soon in order to send my children to private schools. Having grown up with sports, electives, cheerleading as part of my positive high school experience I find it just outrageous that our "brilliant" leaders of this great state would ELIMINATE them in order to save money! I don't understand why there is such a lack of importance when it comes to education here. Our kids have to come first!! I am planning to write to ALL individuals you have listed on your blog & will be present at the meeting on the 15th. Thank you again for giving this situation the attention it needs! I've never seen anything so sad!

NSB Mom said...

Everyone needs to feel like you do. What is scary is the apathy of some people!!!