Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sea Harvest Reopens

Back in the early 90's my parents moved to Edgewater, my younger brother and I both lived in Orlando and we loved nothing better than to come over and hit Sea Harvest for a fried grouper sandwich. When I moved back to Florida (here to New Smyrna) in 2007 I was sad to hear they had closed down. My arteries were thankful as I am sure the wonderful sandwich was a heart attack waiting to happen. Arteries aside, I was thrilled to hear they reopened this past week. They are now called the Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant and are located at 107 Riverside Drive in the old blue building that housed Sea Harvest. Their website is under construction, but here is an article about it from the Observer.

I am looking forward to that Grouper Sandwich!

Just a note, I love this picture of the old Sea Harvest, I found it Wayne Timm's website. He some great pictures of some of our local landmarks. If you don't look too close you don't see the word sample written across


Millhill said...

I left Florida in 2005 just after the hurricanes made a mess there, and I didn't know that the Sea Harvest had closed. They had the best food for the price and I hope it's the same way when they re-open.