Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Volusia County Schools Financial Crisis

It is no big secret that our school system is out of money and about to lose more. Volusia County Schools is on this list of schools that is losing more funding, over 13 million. That is outrageous, totally outrageous.

Our brilliant leaders in Tallahassee have once again failed our children. The school board is holding a series of meetings around the county to give you the bad news and ask you to bombard your representatives for help. Here is the information on the meetings. The New Smyrna Beach meeting will be held on Thursday, January 15th at 6:30pm in the NSB High School.

If you are interested in who you need to be contacting here you go:

Florida House of Representatives:

District 28 which covers New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater is Dorothy Hukill

District 27 which covers Daytona, Ormond and Holly Hill, South Daytona and Daytona Beach Shores is Dwayne Taylor

District 26 which is Deland, Deltona and Lake Helen is Pat Patterson

And the Senate, we are primarily District 7 which is Evelyn Lynn

Let's not leave out our brilliant Governor Charlie Crist, by all means include him on any and all emails you send.

If you click on their name you can not only get information about them but in the right hand corner is a handy little email your rep button, one click and you can tell them what you think.

In order to make finding your rep easy, I will include a link to this post in the left sidebar for future reference. If you are unable to attend the meeting check back here next week and I will post the important points so you can contact your representative even if you are not at a meeting.

Whether or not you have children in the school system currently does not matter. These decisions and budget cuts effect every single person in our community. Our future leaders are not getting the education that it is our responsibility to provide and it is not acceptable.

Please do not think that someone else will take care of it, someone else will send that email, someone else will write that letter. Everyone needs to act!


Anonymous said...

Great resources, thanks and you are right everyone must get out and support our kids!!!!!!

The Little League Coach said...

Thanks for the great info! It is a shame that JV sports are being dropped. Sport builds character, being on the street leads to trouble. Hopefully parents will find other alternatives for the athletes that are left out in the cold now.