Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are There Any Jobs?

I am a recruiter and it is pretty darn slow in my world right now. Turn on the news and you will see why. The mid-size and big companies that use recruiters don't need to hire, so they don't need us. I decided I better get a part time job to help pay the bills, or even a full time job, I can recruit anytime of the day and do alot of my work in the evening.

Now I know New Smyrna Beach is not a hub of activity but come on....I went in one business this morning that had been advertising for weeks and took my resume. The owner told me how overqualified I was. Meanwhile, he had dumb and dumber standing at the counter giggling and chatting. So...I am thinking he won't be calling me. There is not much out there, if you have a job, you better do what you can to hang on to it.

If you are looking here are a couple of places you can keep up on openings.


Rat Race Rebellion

Oo course the big two are Monster and Careerbuilder. But save yourself some time and just use Indeed, it covers all of them in one place!