Friday, February 20, 2009

Chase's Grand Opening

The Grand Re-Opening of the new Chases on the Beach is this weekend. They will have live music and drink specials all weekend. $3.00 Sam Adams and Malibu Rum Drinks. Music starts at 3pm on Saturday & Sunday. They have an all new menu and staff, I have not been there yet but have heard the food is good. They have a new build your own salad card that looks excellent.

They also offer free valet parking so if you have to park in the lot across the street you won't have to cross A1A. If you head over there this weekend, shoot me an email or leave a comment on your experience!

Whatever you do, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

we went tonight, had to wait for a table but had a drink at the bar, food was good, service was good. It will be great when it gets hot out.

Anonymous said...

We were there last weekend for lunch and the service was attentive but the food took a very long time and thanksfully the kids were too busy playing to make life miserable. The food was ok to bad depending on what you got. 4 of us got burgers, my husband's was ok, mine and my daughter's were well done when we ordered medium and my son's was charred like a hockey puck so we had to order a new one (his was also ordered medium). My friend's sandwich arrived about a half hour before the rest of the party's food. We had 10 people and they did apologize but I was surprised to have such a negative experience. Normally food is good and service has been hit or miss. We will try again and see how it goes.

Janet & Leslie said...

We went on Sunday, half the food was great and half was not, we had wings, they were not so great. Burger was good. Long wait. Two differnt servers waited on us, one was sweet and friendly one acted like they did not want to be there so it was 50% good.