Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Follies~Ridiculous Realities

Some news worthy items from our brilliant Florida government. Did you know:

That bottle water companies based in Florida do not pay any taxes on the water they suck from the aquifer and sell to consumers? There is a plan rolling around to tax them. Check it out at WFTV.

A teacher in Tampa will most likely be reprimanded for telling a student who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance to "go back to Africa". Read about it hear on The story itself is pretty bad but the comments below the story are truly frightening. I am amazed every day by the people that actually respond to stories like this, where did they come from and how do we get them back to their home planet?

And finally the most disturbing story of the day comes from the Orlando Sentinel, Charlie Crist is all over the news blabbering about "what is good for Florida". Our schools are in disarray. Teachers are being laid off, programs cut, schools closed. We have one of the highest foreclosure and unemployment statistics in the country. BUT...our Lieutenant Govenor is a spendaholic, he and HIS family are traveling around on the taxpayers money. Jeff Plottcamp has a personal chauffer and bodyguard and a fleet of planes, SUV's and the Florida Highway Patrol protecting him. WHAT exactly are they protecting him from, does anyone know who he is? What exactly does he do? If you know please tell me....if the taxpayers of Florida are not outraged by this waste, something is wrong. The Sun-Sentinel broke this story, watch the video clip it is eye opening. Did we elect this guy?

So go have a bottled water (before the price goes up...) be sure your children respect the flag, and try and figure out what our Lt Governor does....most of all enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

not sure how much more gloom and doom this country can take?

The Mother said...

Florida sounds like almost as much fun as Texas. Have you outlawed evolution yet? I'm convinced that that's why our politicians are becoming less astute by the day.