Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey Dad

I took my kids out to eat last night. Both of them had earned a free dinner at a local restaurant for Honor Role and Perfect Attendance. So out we went, they had their free dinners and I ordered an appetizer to save money. Many of my regular readers know their Dad is not around does not support them by his own choice, we must save pennies but I want them to be able to enjoy the rewards they have earned!

So as they played the games in the restaurant and won prizes and they shared their dinners with me and we laughed and joked and had fun....I looked around....three of the tables had a single man and a child, the children were around my kids age I think. They were ordering food, and hanging out.

Clearly this was weekend visitation. One Dad was on his phone while his little boy looked around, one was reading the paper, one kept looking at us. It was very sad to me. None of them were talking, or laughing, they did not even look like they wanted to be there.

The little boy next to me us was fascinated by the turtle my son had won, they exchanged a few words and my little boy gave it to him. Then my daughter took 50 cents out of her wallet and went and won him another one. I wanted to say HEY attention....

Anyway, we went on our way and after we got in the car, my 11 year old son said to me, "Mom, do you think that kid by us has a Mom?" I told him I thought so, but I think it was his Dad's weekend. He said, "well I hope his Mom is more fun, like you, otherwise I feel bad for that kid"

I asked him, "C, would you like to go out to dinner with your Dad?" As soon as I said it I was sorry, he looked at me and smiled and said, "nope, it is all good Mom."

I will tell you it makes me want to say to his father..."Hey Dad, you are missing so much and they are such good kids. However you have convinced yourself that you are right by ignoring are wrong and in spite of you they are awesome!"

Hey Dads, get off the phone, quit reading the paper, if you only have the attention....


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!