Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Smyrna Beach Jobs

Since I asked where the jobs are I have had 34 emails. Many of you are wondering where the jobs are too. It would seem that the travel and tourism and hospitality jobs would be plentiful right now, that is not the case. Forget about professional, state, construction and retail. A few leads I do have:

K-Mart is hiring, here, in Orange City and in Daytona. There are many different positions open.

24 Hour Body Works has been advertising for a variety of positions. The owner Hunter Mann seems to have a certain type in mind so don't get your feelings hurt if you are too smart to work there.

Gentiva Home Health Systems is hiring LPN's and RN's in Southeast and all over Volusia.

Dollar General and 7-11 are hiring in Orange City and Daytona.

Many of these require you to come in and fill out an application, K-mart is online or in person. Take a recruiter's advice, bring a resume with you, no matter what you are applying for you have to stand out. If you have to fill out an application, ask the person who takes it to staple your resume to the application.

If you need help with your resume please email me and I will help you out.