Monday, February 23, 2009

This & That on The Florida School Mess

Interesting Take Two segment with Charlie Crist on yesterday's Meet The Press. If you have a few minutes it is interesting. I am not sure he is saying much but then he never does.

Orange County parents and teachers collected 4500 signatures protesting the school budget cuts. Great effort I hope it helps. The Sentinel Education Blog has good coverage of this.

Here is an interesting read from the West Volusia Beacon on just how much these layoffs cost Volusia County. Eye opening numbers on unemployment claims. In the last two quartes over 1 million spent on unemployment, the entire budget is only 1 million with half the year left. Scary.

If you were not aware our illustrious Volusia County School Board gave themselves a paycut. This amounts to $763.00 per year per member, that breaks down to $14.67 per week per board member. One school board member is quoted as saying this cut is "symbolic". Symbolic would be one of them steps up and works for FREE, that would send a message. I know the school board is a thankless job, but they asked for it when they were elected.

More on the schools to come....