Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Traumatic Tuesday

Today was one of those days. For one thing I was cold all day. I hate to be cold. I do not live in Florida with the expectation that I am going to be cold.....ever. Ok, so we did not have icicles but it felt like it. So once I got beyond the cold thing, I realized it was the last day to finish the "biography in a box". I know you are dying to know what that is. It is my son's 6th grade project on Henry Ford. My daughter had tennis (which I forgot to take her to.) My brother is sick so I needed to take care of his dog, my parents are out of town so I had to take care of their cat. OH, and I have two kids and a job and 2 dogs of my own. There are not enough hours in the day, it is nearly 9pm and I am now going to work...at the job that is supposed to pay the bills!
I need wine. Well, maybe not wine but at least a shower would be nice.