Monday, March 23, 2009

Bagel World

I made my second visit to Bagel World this weekend. Probably the best bagels I have ever had, my daughter is the bagel queen and she just loves them. They have a large selection of breakfast sandwiches including egg, bacon, sausage, cheese pretty much whatever you can imagine on a bagel. They also have a large lunch sandwich menu and fresh squeezed OJ. Service was really good the first time I went and kind of on the gruff side the second time. But it is counter service and great food so who cares. Bagel World is located on the corner of Golden Court and A1A, sort of across from Boston Seafood. They are open from 7am-2pm and take CASH ONLY. I drive by every morning on the way to take my son to the bus and it is packed at 7am with service vehicles, construction trucks and utility workers, that is always a great sign that the food is excellent.
Support your local business!!


Janna said...

LOVE Bagel World!!!