Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, it is that time again in Florida, FCAT time, my daughter is already planning her breakfasts for the week and stressing out about this ridiculous test. Luckily she is an excellent tester and I refuse to entertain her insecurities about this test. Here is the official FCAT site if you are interested in reading the drivel and propaganda surrounding this test. Here is the FCAT Explorer which is designed to provide resources for parents and students to achieve better results on this test. The schools hold workshops for the parents, send home packets of information and put so much emphasis on this test. So why in the world do they schedule it the week of Daylight Savings Time?


Anonymous said...

While searching for information regarding the scheduling of FCAT during daylight savings week, I came across your comments. My children are in the Hillsborough district, so I contacted Mary Ellen Elia. One of her people said it is scheduled at the state level. Currently I am awaiting a name for someone to contact regarding this very subject. I do not believe in the FCAT testing, but since the school puts so much emphasis on it, why schedule it when the kids are trying to get their internal clocks back in order. It's like they schedule for failure!!

Anonymous said...

that is for sure! stress them out for months, then schedule it this week, very poor planning...but wait it is Florida schools!! It is all about poor planning.