Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LandShark Spring Surfari Pro Tournament

The Surfari Pro Contest Committee announced last week that the LandShark Spring Surfari Pro will take place April 1-5 at the our famous New Smyrna Inlet surf break, on the south side of Florida’s Ponce De Leon Inlet.

This tournament will mark the first professional surfing tournament in the area since 1989 when the Aloe-Up Cup took place. More information can be found here.

The local and national news has of course focused on our "shark bite capitol of the world" status each and every time they report on this tournament. Hopefully our sharky friends will stay quiet during the 4 day tournament. This will bring about 2,000 visitors to the inlet. The area needs the business and welcomes this tournament!

Smyrna Surfari Club


Anonymous said...

OO! I heard about the sharks down there! Do you know of a safe place I could stay ..planning on going down next winter for the season.I cannot afford to stay in a hotel,Band B..Just me and my dog.Love the slideshow!