Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let's Talk About Respect

I wandered into 7-11 at 27th Ave on South Beach tonight to get batteries for my son's X-BOX controllers...I have 3 boys staying overnight.....gotta have X-Box.....but I digress. It was kind of busy in there. The son of one of my friends works in there, he goes to college, he is a good kid.

I stood back tonight and observed while customer after customer were just plain RUDE to both him and the other man working. What is up with that? Why would you go into any public establishment and abuse the people working there? Would you do that in YOUR hometown? If your mother, sister, wife, brother or friend was working at 7-11 would you be happy if someone was mean or disrespectful to them?

One man at the counter asked the clerk who was counting his change what was taking so long "do you need an abacus?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I don't care who you are or what kind of hurry you are in, there is no excuse for being nasty, rude and mean to someone who is waiting on you. Turns out I left my ATM card in the store, the clerk I mentioned before, the one who needs an abacus....brought it to my house on his way home. How's that for service?

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Andy said...

Absolutely agree with you on this one!!!

Martha said...

Rude people make me crazy. I observed something similar at Best Buy last week, even my 12 year old wanted to tell the woman that she was being rude to the "Geek Squad" guy, for no apparent reason, but a chip on her shoulder when she walked in the door~