Monday, March 30, 2009

Manic Monday

Do you Freecycle? If you don't you should look into it. Easy and Free way to get rid of your "stuff", the idea is not to get a bunch of free stuff but to keep things out of the landfills by sharing with others. We have a great group here in New Smyrna Beach. I think we have over 1,000 members in the area. There are over 6.5 million members worldwide. Check it out.

Took my daughter and our dogs to Smyrna Dunes Park today. It was a beautiful day and the park is very nice. If you have a dog that likes to play in the water it is especially nice.

Had my annual mammogram today at Port Orange Imaging Center on Dunlawton. This is my second year going there and it is a very pleasant experience. You don't wait, they are all very nice and it is pretty painless. Well, as painless as having a Ford F250 driven over your boob is.(just kidding, really, I am kidding)

Not sure if I have mentioned this but I love my son's teachers at Warner Christian Academy. He was dreading middle school and he loves Warner. Speaking of schools, I heard a rumor that Coronado Elementary was going to be closed. The announcement was supposed to be made after FCAT, never heard it so I guess it is just a rumor. Not a good one either I might add. I heard it from a teacher at another school, so we shall see.

In closing, a very good friend of mines husband died after a long illness this past week. They have two son's who are heartbroken. Please consider donating your organs upon your death. Did you know that each day an average of 63 people receive donated organs and another 16 people die on the waiting list?

You can find out more about Organ Donation in Florida here. You can find out about National Organ Donation here.


MOmmyWizdom said...

I LOVE freecycle!! And my organs are on the donation list!

Good post!