Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Mayhem

It is a bit chilly here at the beach today. But according to Just Weather and my new Twitter friend Daytonamarc it will be warming thru the week. Monday did not start out great, my daughter did not want to get up, "it is too cold Mom", yea yea yea, she does not want to get up when it is 80 so cold is relative. I would love to see her if she lived in say, New Jersey or Wisconsin.....would not be pretty. My son is sick, has been all weekend, it is like living with a harp seal in the house, he is coughing so bad.

We will have the weekend events later in the week when I figure out what they are, one note. One of our readers, Jill (thanks Jill) has let me know there is a Farmers Market in Edgewater, it is called Laurino's Fresh Produce and is located in the old Curves in Edgewater. This is 2102 S. Ridgewood Ave. I will try and find out there hours and let you know, they have a farm in Samsula so it is all locally grown!

There is now one Curves in the immediate area and it is in the K-Mart Plaza on 44.

I had one addition to the Money Saving Links from yesterday. Cents to get Debt Free. She has great tips, I read the Walgreens 101 section and learned alot.

The bikers rolled into town on Friday, made my very first visit to Pub 44 on Friday night, it was a pretty tame experience. I found all the bikers we talked to to be friendly, respectful and very nice. For the most part they said they preferred our town to Daytona because it is "low-key" compared to Daytona. Good for New Smyrna Beach I would say.

Have a great week and keep those links and local information coming. Remember to support your local business!


Anonymous said...

wish we had a place north of you for our very own "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"