Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hell's Kitchen

Danny the chef from our very own Flip Flops is still in the running on Hell's Kitchen. Tonight also just happens to be the Grand Opening of the "new" Flip Flops in the old Shells beachside. The Fox News truck was there this morning at 8:30 am so this is a pretty big deal for our teeny tiny town. I hear from pretty reliable sources that many of the Hell's Kitchen contestants will be in attendance tonight. The show is on Fox tonight at 9pm.


ray said...

Go Danny! Great food and the guys are pretty humble for all the publicity.

Anonymous said...

Now located at 725 E Third Ave in New Smyrna Beach. Made our first journey there this evening. We had heard so much about the place we thought we would give it a try. Unfortunately we were disappointed right from the start. The hostess lacked any personality at all. No charm school graduate. We had to wait for a table even though there were lots of empty tables. Decided to wait in the bar area. Waited standing at the bar for over five minutes without getting waited on. Only eight people at the bar with two female bartenders. On to dinner. We had to wait to place drink orders. Had to wait to place our dinner order. Had to wait for our "salads". Caesar salad consisted of two or three leafs of romaine and three croutons. Very little Caesar dressing made the salad dry. The meal itself was quite good, but nothing outstanding. Maybe if they make it for a year we will attempt another visit to see if the wrinkles have been ironed out.