Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Stumble

What a gorgeous weekend we had at the beach! My son and I went to church today at Edgewater Alliance. They were talking about a program they had for elementary age children during spring break, from 7am-530pm every day during break they had a Spring Break Camp at the church. They had 74 children attend and the high school age youth volunteered to help. Yes, I said volunteered. They gave up their entire spring break to assist with arts and crafts, games, music and worship for 74 elementary children from our community. Some were children of parishioners, some were children from the community. Get this, it was free. There was no charge to parents for an entire week of fun for their kids and peace of mind knowing where they were during break. I find this to be amazing, not just that the church offered this to the community for free but that they found high school kids, many of them boys to volunteer to make birdhouses, get pies in the face and suffer all sorts of indignities that only elementary age children can dish out. WOW, what a wonderful place!
You can visit with us on Sundays at Edgewater Alliance on S. Ridgewood in Edgewater. Service times are 830, 945 and 1115. They also have great Youth Programs on Wednesday nights.
Some other local sites of interest:
The Cheap Gourmet - great site for all things cheap and gourmet. Great recipes, ideas and entertainment.
Women's Self Esteem Blog - I met Dorothy on Twitter. I started reading her blog and could not stop. She says alot of things that we all think but would probably never vocalize. Love it.
Have you seen our new "official" City of New Smyrna Beach website. It is very pretty and much more user friendly than the old one.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Church s good for the soul. Mr. Anonumous.