Tuesday, May 5, 2009

12 For 12K May Challenge

The 12for12k charity project has one goal, that is to help as many charities as possible across the whole non-profit spectrum. In order to do this they continuously ask for charity suggestions from supporters.

The charity they are supporting in May is The Hospice of Peel and was suggested by 12for12k supporter Daniel Patricio and is incredibly inspiring in their dedication to helping individuals living with a terminal illness.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, the Hospice of Peel aims to be recognized as the foremost provider of, and resource for, hospice care. When illnesses can no longer be treated medically, the volunteers and trained professionals of the Hospice of Peel are the emotional response for those affected.

The philosophy of the hospice is clear - to offer the compassionate care to those living with a terminal illness, to live as full, active and most importantly independent a life for as long as possible.

To be able to offer this kind of caring and support for the patient and the family, the Hospice of Peel relies on both its volunteers and donations from the community, locally and nationally. This is where 12for12k and our supporters can step forward. The philosophy behind the 12for12k campaign is to make a difference in the lives of millions through social media - imagine the difference we can make to those whose lives are often forgotten.

These are the types of services and help that donations to the hospice help to provide:

$20 provides care to a family for a week
$50 can help with special interactive “kits for kids” for children with terminal illness (Hospice of Peel helps all ages)
$100 can sponsor home visits by volunteers to offer support for Hospice of Peel patients
$130 provides transportation for day hospice patients for a whole month
$200 can provide bereavement care for one year
$520 provides professional 10-week training for volunteers
$1,000 provides much-needed craft supplies for the Day Hospice for six months

We hope you’ll join us in helping those whose lives need our support as much as anyone we have supported so far. Let’s make a difference.

Some local resources here in Volusia County: