Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Will it be a washout?

Happy Friday, let us all pray this rain stops not just for long weekend, but for all those that are flooded out of their homes around our county.

Fishstock 2009 is scheduled to start today, not sure how that will play out with the monsoon rains that continue in NSB.

Flagler Art Walk is tomorrow beginning at 10am. Weather should improve enough for that to be an enjoyable event.

The Farmers Market on Canal Street is Saturday from 7:30am-12:30pm. The Oak Hill Seafood Co-op is now one of the vendors, they have fresh, local seafood at reasonable prices.

The Power Squadron will be at the North Causeway Boat Ramp tomorrow handing out leaflets on boat safety and doing free boat inspections from 8am-12pm.

Every Tuesday night is Kids Night at Dairy Queen on US1. Sissy the clown is there, they have free face painting and free balloons for the kids.

Stavros Pizza still offers half price large pizza on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Heard on the news this morning that more people are staying home and not traveling not just this weekend but all summer. It is more important than ever to support your local business!

Have a great weekend!


Kelli said...

Your blog title just caught my eye on someone else's blog (a blogher banner) and oh how I LOVE New Smyrna Beach! It is my FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! I studied at the Bob Ross Art Workshop in January 2008. I stayed in Ponce Inlet and spent some time in Daytona and Edgewater as well. I adore NSB and would be living there now if I could. I hope to make it back there someday.

Have a great weekend,


Kelli said...

It's me again...I saw you mention Angie a few entries back. I'm a Sunday too! :)

NSB Mom said...

Welcome! It is a great place to live (well except this rainy week) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Will Fishstock '09 be rescheduled?