Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Living in New Smyrna Beach you can expect to lose power on a fairly regular basis. My kitchen clocks blink all the time since setting them is usually pointless as the power will flicker again as soon as you set them. So as a result the Utilities Commission is programmed in my cell phone. I have not called in a while as major outages have not been happening. So...I was jarred awake by thunder and lightning last night and realized we had no power.....found my cell and called, I was greeted by "Our menu options have changed." (GREAT). The old menu was wonderful, the power outage line would tell you what areas were reported and when they would be back on. If your area was not on the list you could report it with your phone number...super easy.

ENTER, the new and "improved" menu. Hit 3 to report power outages. Hit 3 and you hear, "Electrical Emergency Not Available" then click(that is the sound of your call being disconnected), yes the emergency line cuts you off. So I am thinking well the line is probably busy with many callers. I wait...I call back..."Electrical Emergency Not Available" CLICK......Now I say to my self, "SELF, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????"

Is it just me or should the words "ELECTRICAL EMERGENCY" and "NOT AVAILABLE" not be uttered in the same sentence...particularly not by the POWER COMPANY?

Hey Utilities Commission, can we have our old menu back?


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