Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dolphin View Restaurant

We made our second and third visit to Dolphin View this week. If you do not know The Dolphin View is the old Sea Harvest Restaurant at 107 N. Riverside Dr. They are also home to the Pastime Princess which has some very reasonable fishing rates.

Earlier this week a friend and I went in and ordered at the counter to eat in. The service was very friendly and fast. She had a crabcake and I had a fried grouper sandwich and we split an order of the fried shrimp (it was fried day). The sandwich was large and very tasty, the crabcake was good but not great. The fries and hushpuppies were very good. It was a good visit, the beer was cold and the view is wonderful.

Today we ordered a large take out order since I had an assortment of kids, it was in two orders so it was kind of confusing. The service at the counter when we picked it up was excellent. The two girls working were very friendly and happy to help.

My brother got a blackened Mahi sandwich and was very pleased with it, said it was very good. I ordered a bunch of different things so we could try several things. We ordered two orders of kids chicken with fries, lots of chicken chunks and waffle fries and a hush puppy, all three kids gave it a thumbs up. We also ordered an order of grilled shrimp and an order of blackened shrimp with fries, these are huge orders of shrimp, well over a dozen fresh shrimp. The grilled were kind of boring, the blackened were very good. Last but not least we ordered a blackened grouper sandwich without the bread, we just wanted the fish, the portion is advertised as 3/4 of a pound and it is at least that, three of us split it and had plenty to eat. It was very tasty. Each of these orders came with fries, hush puppies and coleslaw, (you can substitute a salad) they included plenty of each kind of sauce. My son made a comment that they need to use my coleslaw recipe. He is a coleslaw freak and has never found any he likes as well as mine so do not let that discourage you!!

So, I can say we enjoyed the food both visits this week, I am more partial to the fried foods they offer, probably because I don't eat fried very often and really only ordered it to try it. It was excellent. I did see a wrap sandwich the other day and it looked very good, I asked the person eating it and she said it was quite tasty. The line to order right at lunch time can seem overwhelming but it moved very quickly, the service is extremely efficient. Off times you can get right in and out.

They also now have a Tiki Bar right on the river which is very nice. They are offering an all you can eat breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 8am til 11am for $4.95 you cannot beat that price. We will check that out in the near future as well!

Directions to Dolphin View


Dolphin View is worth a visit!

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Anonymous said...

We went last night and listened to the band. It was fun.

Anonymous said...

We visited New Smyrna beach for the very first time today (saturday July 11) and it was amazing.........we met a nice lady on the beach who told us about local places to eat and one of her recommendations was The Dolphin looked like the perfect place to eat and just what we were looking for.....cept one of the waitresses told us it would be a 45 minute wait on the food....this time we couldnt wait, but next time it definitely looks like a great place to try!!

Anonymous said...

Bully Owner.
Rode my bicycle there for lunch today, got a menu, went outside the door and took a seat on the wooden picnic bench to decide.
I hear a comment behind me complaining about blocking his view in which I ignored. My only thought was that it was very odd. I went back inside to order and to see where the comment came from. There sat a guy against the building eating some sort of bread. He was the only person within 50-75 feet! It had to be him...
Ordered and got the Grouper sandwich which was OK. Came with fries and one Hush Puppy. Again, I thought that it was very odd-one Hush Puppy. Menu says "Hush Puppy".
Didn't eat my bun and walked over to my bike on the dock and set the bun down for the birds. Signs on the tables say not to. I liked watching him almost run over to retrieve the bread for the birds gathering.
Over-heard him telling someone it was his place as I was leaving. He needs to get the sand out of his panties!
Never saw a Dolphin at Dolphin View. Grouper was nothing special. Fries were COLD. Killer Slaw! Don’t think I will return and will tell the story. Good Luck! There are plenty of places to eat where people are friendly. I vote with my feet.

Charles said...

I am the owner of Rinehart Video Productions in Sarasota, and was in the area on 8-30-10 planning to shoot a short travel video. This is also the place for Party Boat Deep Sea Fishing on the Pastime Princess. The last time I was here was in 2007, when the restaurant wasn't here. A customer was leaving the restaurant and I asked him how the food was. He said good. Well I was starving so I decided to take a chance and eat. Boy am I glad I did. The grouper sandwich special with fries and cole slaw was fantastic. The sandwich was loaded with fish and super fresh. The view right on the edge of the water was excellent. Lorna the general manager and her staff are the nicest. I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. This is the best place to eat and be at. Do not miss stopping at the Dolphin View Restaurant. Great blog here. I'm adding it to my favorites. All the best.

Charles said...

You know anonymous left a really long bad review. Why don't you put your name to your review anonymous? Right everyone? My grandmother always told me if you can't say anything nice about people, don't say anything at all. People should not believe this reviewer at all. My opinion.