Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oak Hill Seafood Coop

There is a great article in the News-Journal this morning about the Oak Hill Seafood Coop. They are located at 700 N US Hwy 1 in Oak Hill. This is Cook's Plaza. Their website is under construction but it does list prices for some of their current available seafood. You can also purchase seafood at the Farmer's Market on Canal Street on Saturday mornings from 730am-1230pm. We got some fish last week it was delicious. They are also having cookouts on the last Sunday of each month featuring local seafood, hush puppies and ice tea for a $10.00 donation. The next event is June 28th at 4pm.

Support your local business!


The Cheap Gourmet said...

Thanks for the lead on the Canal Street Seafood cookouts. A $10 donation is cheap! Also, thanks for the lead on the Seafood Coop. I like your blog and will be back soon. Nice to meet another NSB mom :-)

Anonymous said...

The cookouts are not on Canal St, they are in Oak Hill. They now do them every Friday night in their Beer Garden!