Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beach Patrol

We have talked about our friends at the Volusia County Beach Patrol in earlier posts, but in the middle of summer it is worth repeating. It is important to note that the Beach Patrol Officers are members of Law Enforcement. If you are visiting our area it would be worth remembering that, they can and will pull you over if you are breaking the law on our city and county streets. Having observed numerous traffic stops by the beach patrol on A1A in New Smyrna Beach, I know it to be so. I was talking to a group of visitors yesterday as one of these stops was taking place in front of my house, one of them said he was unaware they had that power.....uh, hello, check the truck the big blue letters, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, that kind of gives it away.....

The Beach Patrol officers are a fairly unique group. They are lifeguards, EMT's, police officers, they can open your car door if you lock your keys in it (I have done this), help you change a flat tire, save baby sea turtles, find lost children, the list goes on. They keep Volusia County Beaches safe for residents and visitors and they do a fantastic job. Thank a Beach Patrol Officer today!

Here is information on Volusia County Beach Services and all the things they do, you will find access maps for all areas of the county, beach rules, hours, conditions and the webcam.


New Smyrna Beach Access Map

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Anonymous said...

Nice article!! They really do a great job keeping everyone safe and still letting them have a good time! Just wish parents would watch their own kids a little better, it would ease the tension on it goes...
I also applaud the men and women of the Beach Patrol!!