Monday, July 27, 2009

More Points To Ponder

I got an email from a reader asking why I never tell funny kid stories anymore, my kids are still funny, but they are home for the summer so my amusement level is low!!! you go...

Do you Facebook? Twitter, LinkedIn? MySpace? There are any number of ways to stay connected these days, some good, some not so good, I use Twitter and LinkedIn for work and recently starting finding old friends on Facebook. It can be quite entertaining, but you must be careful with privacy settings and what you post etc. My being on Facebook is a constant source of amusement to my children who cannot believe their 40 something mother likes to play Mafia Wars....I have started talking to people I went to high school with, new friends in town, people from college, old work friends...the list goes on.

So I am riding the exercise bike in the gym yesterday when a friend request pops up on my Crackberry (another addiction) imagine my surprise when it is my ex-husband wanting to be my friend on Facebook. Once I recovered from my initial shock I was fairly amused, since we do not speak, and barely communicate via email, the man does not like me. Ok, so I don't really like him either. After my initial shock and horror subsided, I laughed and thought to myself, he needs to lay off whatever he is smoking.

So this morning my son is getting ready for camp eating his cereal and playing his voicemail on his phone, he hands me his phone so I can hear a message from his father (the same ex that wants to be my friend). As he does not hear from his Dad often, he is always kind of amused when he gets these random messages and loves to let his sister or me listen.

So after he hung up I asked him if he had been on Facebook lately, he said no and I am not really interested (I was glad to hear this) but he wanted to know why I was asking, so I told him well your Dad asked me to be his friend on Facebook so I figured he has asked you too.

It was a Kodak moment, priceless, he stopped dead in the middle of his cereal, it went something like this:

Curt: "what??!!??"

Me: "yes he wants to be my friend."

Curt: "Mom, he doesn't like you."

Me: "Yes, I know."

Curt: "That is messed up"

I did not speak and he kept looking at I had two heads

Curt: "You did not do it did you?"

Me: "No, I am still thinking about it."

Curt: "WHAT!!!!???"

Mom: "uh huh"

Curt: "Mom, he just wants to spy on you, that is messed up"

I again made no comment, I got the you just grew a third head look.

Curt: "that's messed up, kind of funny, but messed up"

My daughter walked in at that point and he told her "hey did you hear Dad wants to be Mom's friend on Facebook?"

Sam: "WHAT???!!!!"

And it started all over. After several minutes of discussing it amongst themselves and me trying not to break into laughter, they informed me "that's messed up"

I said well "maybe he will join my Mafia."