Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'A' Report

I nearly choked on my coffee this morning when I opened the News Journal and found this article on our Volusia County School Superintendent. Margaret Smith earned the highest possible rating by "her bosses" the school board. WOW, that is a shocker. Too bad Volusia County has not gone the way of most companies and conducts 360 degree evaluations. If they did then the school superintendent would be evaluated by the teachers, the parents and the students, not just the school board. Bet it would be a vastly different rating if that was the case. What do you think...

In case you were wondering Mrs. Smith makes a yearly salary of $171,665, this is after her 2% pay cut last year. She also receives $25,750 that goes into a tax sheltered annuity on her behalf (starting teachers salary is $26,080). She receives $650.00 a month in car allowance (do the math that is another $7,800). She is eligible for a bonus of up to $17,166 per year but has not put in for it and does not plan to this year. (well I would think not) That being said her total compensation is a whopping $205, 215. The average teachers salary is $34,251.

There is a school board meeting today at 4pm if you want to be entertained, you can listen live.

Here is some interesting numbers on teachers, schools, number of students etc. if you are interested.