Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spoon's Lawn Care Service

I has the pleasure of meeting Dave from Spoon's Lawn Care this week. I had him come and give me an estimate on extensive cleanup in my yard, tree trimming, and cleaning up my jungle of foliage. He gave me a very, very reasonable estimate and began work the next day. Two days later I am thinking of submitting a picture to Coastal Living Magazine. It is incredible. He did a fantastic job and is a pleasure to deal with. They are kind, honest and professional people who do a great job at a great price. I can easily recommend them to you.


SiteUnseen said...

He worked on my yard as well. Cut the grass; trimmed the jasmine; killed the weeds; pulled monster-like pototo vines and for a great price!!! Definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty.