Friday, July 3, 2009

The Things Kids Say

My daughter attended Vacation Bible School at Edgewater Alliance Church this week. She went kicking and screaming the first day, she hates to get up on Sunday's for church, has never really cared for Sunday school, I have not tried to shove church down her throat so she won't grow up hating church and thinking of it as an obligation. So imagine my surprise when she came home and told me she had a great time! Could not wait for Tuesday....some highlights of the week....

Day One: "Mom, we had a burning bush for snack today." "I think that has something to do with Moses...." (ok, maybe I should get her to church more...)

Day Two: "Well, we are on the plague of locusts, we made it thru the boils, and have moved on to bugs......" (not much to say to that)

Day Four: "Mom, did you know if you kill a lamb and smear the blood on your door, your son will be spared? If I had known about Curt I would have skipped that one." (Curt is her brother and good for him they did not grow up during the book of Exodus")

50 volunteers led about 125 children in the week of activities. It was a great time for all, and I am hoping it served the purpose of helping me get my daughter excited about church!

Enjoy the weekend!


Les said...

She kills me.. I just want to hug that kid....