Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To School~Sunday Stumble

Woohooo. It is back to school for those of us in Volusia County tomorrow. Not a moment too soon. I work at home so back to school is very exciting for me...

Last week we made the open house son attends a private Christian School, this is his first year mixed in with the older kids. They have 7-12th grade in one building and I think he is a little nervous. We met the teachers, got his schedule, happily one of his 6th grade teachers is now teaching 7th grade, he is also a good friend and attends our church. I feel pretty certain he will keep one eye and his thumb on him.

My daughter is in 5th grade, not sure how that happened, yesterday she was in Kindergarten. She was thrilled to learn she got the teacher she wanted, who also was her teacher in 3rd grade. This is excellent on two levels. This teacher knows me....I don't do field trips, class parties or anything related to more than 5 children in any confined space at a time. I would rather pull out my fingernails with needle nose pliers. I know my limitations.....and so does she. She handed me her wish list of things to do and get "outside" the classroom. I love this woman!

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Enjoy the week...and the peace!