Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beachside Shell

I have needed an oil change forever, I have never been good about taking care of the vehicles, my brother stays on me to do it until I give in and do it just to shut him up. So this morning I took my truck to Beachside Shell located at 765 E. 3rd Ave. Right next to Red Dog Surf Shop in the front of the Publix Plaza. I made an appointment yesterday for this morning, they are always jamming busy in the service area so I was surprised to get in so quickly.

Frank is the man in the shop and he is very pleasant, quick and thorough. I dropped the thing off at 8am and he called me at 831am to tell me it was done. Prices are the same as anywhere else for service, the gas is a few pennies higher than over the bridge, but for convenience sake you cannot beat it. They also sell produce and specialty spices and nuts etc. in the convenience store. They fill propane tanks for gas grills and have an air pump to pump your tires. Service is friendly in the shop and the store. Check them out!

Support your local business!