Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes, My Life Is Fun!!

I have a really good friend. Well I have several, but today we will talk specifically about one of them who I will refer to as Dee. Dee called me today to chat, during our chat she informed me that she thought she was going to leave her husband (who is also a friend of mine). They have 2 children, both boys, I am thinking he will not be agreeable to her sashaying out of there with his kids but I kept that to myself.....

So I asked her why, although you never really know what is going on in someone's house, I do hear alot from both of them and I do not think they have it all that bad. So get this, if you are not already sitting down, please do so now. I would hate for you to suffer a concussion when you hit your head as you fall to the floor laughing.....

She said....."I don't really want to have to cook dinner and do laundry anymore, and your life is so much more fun than mine!"


So when I had stopped laughing enough to catch my breath and form words I said,"exactly who is going to get dinner and do the laundry if you don't whether you leave him or not?" She had no answer for I continued.

Let me tell you how fun my life is....I spend each and every weekday from about 2pm til dark and all weekends shuttling children from one end of town to the other for activities, not so bad...except it is in a truck that I am never sure how much gas I have as the gas gauge is broken, can' t tell how fast you are going after dark cause the dashboard light is out, it overheats now and then if you sit too long with it running and the radio changes stations and turns itself on and off randomly....but other than that it is fabulous!

Not cooking dinner means one kid eats cereal and the other heats up a can of ravioli...yes, this happens since I lost 3 hours of work running kids around I have to work in the evening....(not cause I am out having fun!)

No laundry means my son wears dirty uniforms to school and my daughter shrieks like a banshee when her clothes are not done...not worth it....(are we having fun yet?)

Fun here includes trying to figure out how to pay for kids braces and dental work with no dental insurance and an ex husband who only pays what he is supposed to when he feels like it. Which is never......

Fun here includes trying to help with homework that I have not a clue how to do....lucky for them their uncle is a math wizard and helps.

Fun here means when the money for my commission only job does not come when it is supposed to that same uncle buys groceries(and yes wine is a necessity Kathy) and gives me money for my kids lunch. Fun is your parents paying your rent when you can't.

Fun here means there is never a minute that you do not worry about how the next bill will get paid. Do you take good enough care of your children? Is it bad that you are happy that you never have to speak to their father again because he won't talk to you? (that is kind of fun)

Fun here means a trip to the grocery store requires sixteen phone calls from my daughter complaining that my son "looked at her, spoke to her" or committed some other grievous act the moment I pulled out of the garage. conclusion....I told her, "perhaps you better rethink the fun part." Not that I am complaining. I prefer my not so fun life as compared to the really not fun life I had while I was married. But I sure don't want her to delude herself that it will all be a cake walk...or that she won't have to cook.......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Community Yard Sale

There will be a community yard sale this Saturday at Edgewater Public Library from 8am-2pm. Come on out and check out the items for sale. If you would like to participate call the Library, inside tables are $15.00 and outside are $1o.00. The Edgewater Permaculture Society will be there selling locally grown and adaptable plants as well. Check it out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Hate September

September is such a tease, a couple days of cool weather, then 140% humidity, then 91 degree weather, then rain, then sun....bring on fall...PLEASE. I do not mind the heat, love May, June, July, even like August. I hate is the very worst month. Would love some rain.....we are teased by Orlando rains there every day...we, zero, nothing.....then in the middle of the night....the power goes off, vicious storm....WTH.....but it only rains a gazilionth of an inch....

But wait...I am not complaining. We live at the ocean. Get over it. NO hurricanes so far.....only a few more days and my most UNFAVORITE month of the year is OVER!

Bring on October! Fall in Florida!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go Global 24

12 for 12K is supporting Doctors without Borders for 24 hours on Twitter.
Heinie Reisinger (@hennartonline) will tweet for a marathon 24 hours straight, the goal is to raise $12,000 for Doctors Without Borders. The fun begins at 12am Pacific on September 29th. If you twitter please follow @12for12k and @hennartonline. Check out the 12for12K website for information on the great charities that have been supported in 2009. More exciting things to come in 2010!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Plant Swap

The Edgewater Permaculture Society is holding their first plant swap on Saturday, October 10th from 9am-12pm at Whistlestop Park in Edgewater.
This is a public event, admission is free. Bring anything garden related that you might like to swap. You can find more information on the links above. It should be a fun event, check out the other links on their website as well, they have a ton of information and guidance on a variety of gardening, permaculture, and "edible landscaping and sustainable human environments."
One of their other groups is Edgewater Reusit, this is a Yahoo group, a virtual free store, you can trade with others, offer things you don't want and so on.
There is also a link to local products, produce and other foods. You can put in your zip code and get all sorts of different markets, vendors etc. Here is the link to our local area.

Friday, September 25, 2009


A meeting to discuss this issue has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th at 5pm at Brannon Center. Please come out and show your support for this issue!

Have you driven on the raceway we call South Atlantic Ave? From 3rd Ave to 27th this road is 4 lanes, there are 3 pedestrian crosswalks on this stretch, one by Wachovia at 7th, One at 15th and one at 27th by the 7-11.

There is a group of residents that live on this raceway attempting to get the speed is 45 mph right now. I live right near the 15th St Pedestrian Crossing. NO ONE STOPS or SLOWS DOWN, and NO ONE is going 45 mph.

The Hometown News has more information on the issues and where the speed issue is right now.

This is how it is supposed to work. If you are driving down South Atlantic and you see someone standing in the middle of the road waiting for traffic, you MUST stop, this is the law. IF someone is IN THE CROSSWALK, you must stop. I walk across everyday sometimes more than once, the only people that have EVER stopped for me are:

Beach Patrol
Sheriff Deputy's
NSB Police
City Workers
Volusia County Schools & County workers
I have had Beach Patrol Trucks stop....this would be the hint for the people in the other lane to SLOW DOWN.....they go right is amazing to is also pretty cool to watch them turn on their lights and chase the offender down.....and they will.
So residents..where do you stand on the issue of the speed? Do you stop, slow down? Comment or email me I am curious to see what you think?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

They Used To Be Cute..... kids I mean. Adorable little blonde haired, blue eyed darlings. Then one day they woke up as.......(insert Jaws music here) PRETEENS. My daughter has been wailing like an injured farm animal for the past 30 minutes, why, you ask? I asked her to get her pajamas on. WHAT! Between wails it goes something like this....

"What did I ever do to youuuuuu?" "Whyyyyyyy are you ruinnning my liiiffffeeee." There is more but I won't torture you with it. She is 10.

Then we have Mr. Middle School Boy. Check this exchange out.

Mom: "Hey MSB(middle school boy), how about unloading the dishwasher?"

MSB: "What Mom?"(never looks up)

Mom: "Please unload the dishwasher."

MSB: "The dishwasher?"

Mom: "Yes, that silver thing in the kitchen, we put dirty dishes in it. It runs, then we unload it and put them away.

MSB: "You want me to unload it? Like put the dishes away?"

Mom: "Yes, that is what I am getting at. By the way, it could be done in the amount of time that you have tried to get me to forget what I wanted in the first place with your nonsense."

MSB: "Well Mom, I am really just not feeling it"

Mom: "Feeling what?"

MSB: "Feeling like unloading the dishwasher"

so I am not sure what feeling it has to do with the dishwasher or the need to unload it but I remained calm.

Mom: "OK, so I guess you think I should unload it?"

MSB: "That would be good, I am just not feeling it."

Mom: "OK, I will do it."

he kind of looked at me funny here, like hmmmmm, is this a trap??

Stay tuned, this is where it gets good...

Several hours later...."Hey Mom, can you go watch TV in the other room so I can play XBOX?"

MOM: "what?"

MSB: "the tv, Mom, can I have it?"

Mom: "the tv?"

MSB: "yea Mom, can you go in the other room and let me play XBOX?"

Mom: "Well, I am just not feeling it!"
Now refer back to the 10 year old wailing from above....his response was similar. As for me....I am feeling it, feeling like laughing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Estuary Day

There is so much going on this weekend it is hard to know where to start. On Saturday, September 26th the Marine Discovery Center will celebrate the Indian River Lagoon. Schedule and information can be found here.

The Art Walk on Flagler stays in the theme of the Jazz Fest with "All That Jazz" this Saturday from 10am-5pm.

The Jazz Festival Starts tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

PAL Basketball

Sign-ups are going on now until October 14th for Police Athletic League Basketball. You can find the information and forms on the website under Registration Forms/Basketball. There will be no late registration so be sure and sign up early.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Save The Boogie

Come out to the Beachside Tavern this Sunday at 12 noon for a fundraiser for Mason Tunison. Two year old Mason has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer and is in Gainesvile for treatment. His parents are at his side round the clock and need help with living expenses. The Tavern will host a benefit this Sunday to help in this effort. His complete story was in the News Journal on Friday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

International Coastal Cleanup

Saturday, September 19th is the Annual International Coastal Cleanup...coming to a beach near you. Specifically, the Flagler Ave Beach Approach and the North Beach Park off Peninsula and North Atlantic.
Last year over 400,000 volunteers from around the world collected over 6.8 million pounds of trash in 100 countries and 42 states. That is AMAZING!
Get more information from the Ocean ConservancyLocal Cleanup information here.

Battle of the Badges~2009

Don't miss the Battle of the Badges Family Funfest & Fishing Tournament. It starts this Friday at 5pm at Riverside Park. Beginning at 10am Saturday there will be carnival games, vendors, food, entertainment along with the fishing tournament weigh-in. Beginning at 4pm, Pub 44 will hold the "after party" festivities with live music, kids activities and a barbecue. This benefits the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch. It is a great time for a great cause!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tedd The Bike Man

I am sure you have heard Tedd the Bike Man is retiring this year. After over 20 years of refurbishing and giving away bikes to the needy, Tedd Jakomis can no longer manage the operation. Tedd is legally blind and is 86 years old. He has refurbished over 16,000 bikes since 1990 with the help of a team of volunteers.

The good news is his legacy will not end with his retirement. The Attic Youth Group and teens from Warner Christian Academy will continue his work when he retires in December. The group of teens has already begun the transition so they will be ready when he hangs up his pedals in December.

So as you are watching the news today and it is filled with stories of kids shooting, robbing and doing drugs. Remember these kids taking over this amazing ministry.

Tedd is still organizing a December Bike Giveaway. Contact 386 423 1885 to donate a bike, if you need pickup call Tom Menzel at 386 801 5426. If you need a bike call Bill Collins at 386 589-3590.

....and what is Tedd going to do with all his free time....Tedd will go from refurbishing bikes to packing food at an Edgewater Food Bank.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye, My Friend

This is my friend Dale, he and I have been friends since high school, yes over 30 years. We used to hang out all the time during school, after school, in the summer. He drove a baby blue Mercedes back then. I drove a baby blue Buick. Once we actually switched drivers while going down the thruway....I am sure our parents would have been impressed with our agility if not our stupidity.....

Over the years we both moved around, me to Florida, he went out west. We both had a couple of ex spouse's and we both had children. His daughter is 17 and his son 14. He eventually moved back closer to home. I missed him at the 20 year class reunion because I had two kids under 5 and just could not make it. He called to tell me all about it. We laughed about how he was one of only two of our male classmates that still had hair.

His mother and I worked together for several years in Utica before I moved to Florida. So when we lost touch for a few years, she kept us both up to date on the others goings on. Then along came the internet and email and from then on we never lost touch.

Over the years he sent me any number of lame jokes and I usually laughed. We also had some lively political debates going back and forth. I got an email from him on Friday, I did not know it would be the last one.

He was killed on Sunday in a motorcycle crash outside of our hometown in NY.

Godspeed my friend, you will be missed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Naturally Maid Cleaning

Did you feel it? Did you smell it? There was a hint of cool in the air last night, and again this morning. I rode with my windows down to my son's bus this morning. He was not pleased by that since his hair blew.
Unlike our neighbors to the north who celebrate the freshness of spring with top to bottom "spring" cleaning of the house. Here in Florida we (at least me) celebrates the cooler weather of fall with a major purge, yard sale and "fall cleaning". We can finally open the windows and let some fresh air in after 8 months of air conditioning. I know we are not quite there yet but I can feel it coming!
Naturally Maid Cleaning can help you with this. They serve all of Volusia County not only with great cleaning but they also use no toxic chemicals, they are a totally green company. Their website offers green cleaning tips, recipes, even a green cleaning company directory by state.
I personally know the owner and can recommend them to you without reservation. Check out their great services, rates and products. Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sally Gets Snippy

According to our friends at NSB News.Net Sally Mackay is not happy with Adam Barringer's campaign signs. They do not have the word "for" before Mayor and she feels they are misleading to voters. Unless you are living under a rock you know who the Mayor is so I am not sure where she thinks they are leading voters to? Perhaps a new Mayor?

I noticed this morning the sign by Publix has had a little white sticker added that says "for" before the word Mayor. Mr. Barringer's website has also been corrected. I hope this makes our current mayor happy and alleviates the controversy. I agree with challenger Marilee Walters, she said there are more important issues than this to focus on and she is right.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Are You A Hoarder

Oh Happy Day...the long weekend is over. It was a good one but the routine of school, baseball, tennis and riding is welcome around here.
I am sitting here watching this show on A&E called Hoarders. I am utterly amazed by how some of these people live. The photo above is from one of these homes. My former mother-in-law was somewhat of a hoarder, she was a online and home shoppning network, QVC addict. If it was on there she was buying it and piling it. My ex-husband inherited this tendency and our garage or barn was usually a vast wasteland of junk, rarely was a car able to fit. Drove me nuts.
I on the other hand am not, I throw things away, give things away, donate things and later I usually say to myself, "self, why did I not keep that." A good example of this is my son's volcano, he made a volcano in 4th grade, we hauled that thing all over. I think I threw it away when we moved in 2007. Well of course he had to make one in 5th grade.....well wait. I had to make one in 5th get the point. My new motto is Think Before You Throw.
Here are some good sites to help you not be a hoarder.....
Now off to do something about my desk...I cannot see the top of it. Enjoy the week!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day

What is it? Why do we celebrate it?

Ask the Department of Labor. This will give you the scoop on that.

Here at the beach there is plenty going on the next couple of days....go ahead and sleep in if you want to hit the beach, high tide is first thing in the morning, restricting driving, so walk or wait til about 11am for driving access.

OM Bar has a great band on Sunday night, Soverign Vine will be performing in the "Pre-Labor Day" Bash.

SoNapa Winery has a Wine Tasting at 7pm tomorrow night.

Inlet Charleys is sponsoring a Surf Contest at Flagler Ave Beach Approach

The North Causeway Boat Ramps are bacl open after their renovations

Chases on the Beach has a ton aof bands, contests and activities, they also offer free valet parking.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pappas Drive In

What is it about kids and diners? Maybe it is just my kids, but given the choice between pizza and Pappas they choose Pappas, chinese and Pappas, they choose Pappas...
Fall baseball practice started last night so after a day of nothing but running here and there it was 8:15pm and we had not had dinner (don't ask not a pretty day). So I asked the troops if they wanted to order chinese or pizza on the way home. We were passing by Pappas Restaurant on US1, all last fall we ate there about once a week on the way home from baseball. SO...Pappa's it was...they close at 9:30pm so it was us and one other person, of course we had to sit at the counter so my oh so shy children could chat with the two women working, both who remembered them from last season....
$19.00 later, my son had a child's portion of spaghetti that is big enough for two adults and hash browns, yes I said hash browns, my daughter had chicken fingers and fries and hash browns. Both had a vanilla shake and I being the normal one had a sandwich (no hash browns). That is alot of food for $19.00. We brought home enough for them to eat again this afternoon as a snack. Friendly service and great price, a good time was had by all.
Pappa's is located at 1103 N Dixie Freeway, you can also pull up and order at your car, hence "Drive In Restaurant". I would like to try that sometime but my chatty children have to go in and visit!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things To Do~Kids

The Southeast Volusia YMCA has Fall Soccer Signups going on until September 7th.

The New Smyrna Beach Police Athletic League has ongoing karate, and signups are going on now for Fall Basketball. Sign-ups are at the Police Station ask for Doris Mills, she is there Tuesday thru Friday. Call her at 424-2276.

Fall Baseball, Softball and Soccer are ongoing in New Smyrna Beach thru Parks & Rec.

Wonderland Theatre in New Smyrna Beach (Little Theatre) is offering a program for kids at the theatre on Septembers early release days....very reasonable price and fun activities.

Baton Twirlers wanted, beginners ok. This is for a new competitive dance/twirl team. Contact Donalynn at 407-415 8724 for information.

Labor Day Around Town coming tomorrow, send me your events!