Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye, My Friend

This is my friend Dale, he and I have been friends since high school, yes over 30 years. We used to hang out all the time during school, after school, in the summer. He drove a baby blue Mercedes back then. I drove a baby blue Buick. Once we actually switched drivers while going down the thruway....I am sure our parents would have been impressed with our agility if not our stupidity.....

Over the years we both moved around, me to Florida, he went out west. We both had a couple of ex spouse's and we both had children. His daughter is 17 and his son 14. He eventually moved back closer to home. I missed him at the 20 year class reunion because I had two kids under 5 and just could not make it. He called to tell me all about it. We laughed about how he was one of only two of our male classmates that still had hair.

His mother and I worked together for several years in Utica before I moved to Florida. So when we lost touch for a few years, she kept us both up to date on the others goings on. Then along came the internet and email and from then on we never lost touch.

Over the years he sent me any number of lame jokes and I usually laughed. We also had some lively political debates going back and forth. I got an email from him on Friday, I did not know it would be the last one.

He was killed on Sunday in a motorcycle crash outside of our hometown in NY.

Godspeed my friend, you will be missed.


AndrewM said...


Sorry to hear about Dale. I hope his kids are okay.

Enjoying your blog.

Ann said...

I am sorry, Roxanne. It doesn't seem right, does it? I will pray for his family, and you, too.