Monday, September 28, 2009

I Hate September

September is such a tease, a couple days of cool weather, then 140% humidity, then 91 degree weather, then rain, then sun....bring on fall...PLEASE. I do not mind the heat, love May, June, July, even like August. I hate is the very worst month. Would love some rain.....we are teased by Orlando rains there every day...we, zero, nothing.....then in the middle of the night....the power goes off, vicious storm....WTH.....but it only rains a gazilionth of an inch....

But wait...I am not complaining. We live at the ocean. Get over it. NO hurricanes so far.....only a few more days and my most UNFAVORITE month of the year is OVER!

Bring on October! Fall in Florida!


Ann said...

Take some of our rain--6 inches the past week. Yuck!