Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pappas Drive In

What is it about kids and diners? Maybe it is just my kids, but given the choice between pizza and Pappas they choose Pappas, chinese and Pappas, they choose Pappas...
Fall baseball practice started last night so after a day of nothing but running here and there it was 8:15pm and we had not had dinner (don't ask not a pretty day). So I asked the troops if they wanted to order chinese or pizza on the way home. We were passing by Pappas Restaurant on US1, all last fall we ate there about once a week on the way home from baseball. SO...Pappa's it was...they close at 9:30pm so it was us and one other person, of course we had to sit at the counter so my oh so shy children could chat with the two women working, both who remembered them from last season....
$19.00 later, my son had a child's portion of spaghetti that is big enough for two adults and hash browns, yes I said hash browns, my daughter had chicken fingers and fries and hash browns. Both had a vanilla shake and I being the normal one had a sandwich (no hash browns). That is alot of food for $19.00. We brought home enough for them to eat again this afternoon as a snack. Friendly service and great price, a good time was had by all.
Pappa's is located at 1103 N Dixie Freeway, you can also pull up and order at your car, hence "Drive In Restaurant". I would like to try that sometime but my chatty children have to go in and visit!