Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sally Gets Snippy

According to our friends at NSB News.Net Sally Mackay is not happy with Adam Barringer's campaign signs. They do not have the word "for" before Mayor and she feels they are misleading to voters. Unless you are living under a rock you know who the Mayor is so I am not sure where she thinks they are leading voters to? Perhaps a new Mayor?

I noticed this morning the sign by Publix has had a little white sticker added that says "for" before the word Mayor. Mr. Barringer's website has also been corrected. I hope this makes our current mayor happy and alleviates the controversy. I agree with challenger Marilee Walters, she said there are more important issues than this to focus on and she is right.


1flagler said...

It is mindboggling that Sally would make such a fuss over the word "for", when she insists on using the word "integrity" on her campaign signs. She obviously does not know what it means, otherwise, I am sure she would not try to mislead the residents and visitors of NSB by posting "Planning for a hotel on the east end of Canal Street" under the Issues section of her website site. Why doesn't she just say "the proposed 112 room hotel on Flagler Avenue" or is she still trying to mislead people into thinking this is a dead issue. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm