Friday, September 25, 2009


A meeting to discuss this issue has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th at 5pm at Brannon Center. Please come out and show your support for this issue!

Have you driven on the raceway we call South Atlantic Ave? From 3rd Ave to 27th this road is 4 lanes, there are 3 pedestrian crosswalks on this stretch, one by Wachovia at 7th, One at 15th and one at 27th by the 7-11.

There is a group of residents that live on this raceway attempting to get the speed is 45 mph right now. I live right near the 15th St Pedestrian Crossing. NO ONE STOPS or SLOWS DOWN, and NO ONE is going 45 mph.

The Hometown News has more information on the issues and where the speed issue is right now.

This is how it is supposed to work. If you are driving down South Atlantic and you see someone standing in the middle of the road waiting for traffic, you MUST stop, this is the law. IF someone is IN THE CROSSWALK, you must stop. I walk across everyday sometimes more than once, the only people that have EVER stopped for me are:

Beach Patrol
Sheriff Deputy's
NSB Police
City Workers
Volusia County Schools & County workers
I have had Beach Patrol Trucks stop....this would be the hint for the people in the other lane to SLOW DOWN.....they go right is amazing to is also pretty cool to watch them turn on their lights and chase the offender down.....and they will.
So residents..where do you stand on the issue of the speed? Do you stop, slow down? Comment or email me I am curious to see what you think?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this and joining us in this effort to make our streets safer for pedestrians.
We hope the Oct 6th 5pm meeting at the Brannon center will be a full house. The county commissioner, and city officials, and Volusia and State DOT will all be there.

Thank you,

Jake and Leslie Sachs

The Island Lady said...

We drive this stretch every day and people are always chomping on my bumper because I go the speed limit.

Rarely does anyone stop at pedestrian crosswalks. My fear is someone is going to rear-end me when I'm stopped allowing pedestrians to cross. It's nearly happened already.

My husband and I have stood at the crosswalk by our home and pointed at the sign, but no one ever stops. We have often thought of video taping them and providing their license plate numbers to the authorities.

I'm all for lowering the speed limit. This stretch is dangerous for pedestrians and those of us who do obey the law.

Geek said...

I firmly believe it is a lack of driving knowledge. Most people don't actually know that they are required by law to stop at a pedestrian crosswalks. These same people will do 40, 35, 30 MPH right through it while a father attempts to wrangle his 3 kids to safety. These same people have no idea that they are supposed to stop their entire car before the white line at every stop sign that has one. Now considering how A1A is set up with all of our numbered streets, most corner houses have something that blocks a driver from seeing whether it is safe to enter A1A. This makes most residents pull straight up to A1A and never worry about our busy sidewalk that the white line is meant to protect. It is the same issue, as sad as it sounds, Not many people actually "know" how to drive properly. I think a committee should spend more time making florescent signs that plainly state these things, or a website that will inform, than attempting to change things that wont help most drivers learn. I am one of the few that abide by these laws because I too reside here, but anytime I'm in someones passenger seat that fails to do these simple things, its not because they are some rambunctious party kid in a race car... These are 30 year olds in minivans that are misinformed. Let's teach them.

NSB Mom said...

I agree people don't understand the laws on crosswalks or the stop signs...this morning my son and I were walking across at 15th and were in the middle, several cars whizzed by and a man stopped in the right lane, put his arm out to indicate he was stopping to the lady in the left lane she slammed on her brakes stopping next to him, clearly mad that she had to stop and then the VOTRAN bus that was flying up behind them almost crashed into them both as he had NO plans to stop. We better educate the bus drivers while we are at it....had that bus hit those cars I am sure we would have been hit. I also agree we need to get bigger, brighter signs on these crosswalks that say ....YOU MUST STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS....thanks for all the comments!!